We make accessibility and inclusion relevant and easy to incorporate into your Smart City Strategy.

Darren Bates LLC is a Global Leader assisting public and private industry build Accessible and Inclusive Smart Cities. We are Experts in Smart City Strategic Inclusion Strategies and provide our Clients with the keys to unlock their City's potential.

A city isn't smart unless it includes all citizens.

We are Pros in “big teaming” leadership. We know how to hold the space, convene diverse experts, manage the conversation, and lead the processes to help your city transform into an Inclusive and Accessible Smart City.

Building smart cities and digital societies for human diversity and social inclusion is a global mandate.

Our Experts work seamlessly with city leadership, city planners, infrastructure operators, business enterprise, coalitions, stakeholders and the broader community to ensure the full participation of all Smart City residents in the new digital society.

A city isn’t smart because it uses technology. A city is smart because it uses accessible technology to build an inclusive culture ensuring ​no one is ​left behind.

Through customized technical assistance, professional training and engagement programs, we make Accessibility and Inclusion relevant and easy to incorporate into your Smart City Strategies.

We make building accessible and inclusive smart cities easy.

Darren Bates LLC offers a complete Inclusive Smart City Solution combining subject matter expertise and global partnerships to help Clients build livable, accessible and inclusive Smart Cities where all Residents are included and feel respected, valued and inspired!