Smart Cities and Communities: Connecting Citizens 2017

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Smart Cities and Communities: Connecting Citizens

Thursday, 09 November 2017
America Square Conference Centre, London
08:30 – 17:00

Housing shortages, pollution and sustainability, healthcare, infrastructure, creating opportunities for all – these are just some of the pressing issues facing our cities and communities. New thinking is allowing city regions to explore solutions and create smarter, more connected places that can enhance service delivery and improve citizen’s lives. With seven billion people expected to be living in cities and communities in the next 30 years, cities need to reinvent themselves in the way they communicate, plan and respond to the complex needs of their people.

Technology, data and information can be a catalyst for change and ensure that our cities and communities are resilient places ready for the future.Using digital innovation to enhance services and policy outcomes is key to allowing leaders to make better decisions for their local areas and for citizens to be better informed. By utilising data, sensors and smart technology city regions and communities are developing new ways to tackle some of the biggest societal problems. How can policy makers keep the end user in mind, ensuring citizen’s endorsement and active participation in local decisions?

Join us at Smart Cities and Communities: Connecting Citizens to explore the most innovative and efficient ways to use technology and data to tackle some of the biggest problems. Major city leaders and business figures from across the UK and internationally will share their views on how to develop smart and more connected cities.
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